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PAR - Progressive Aboriginal Relations Certification

Inspired Connections Consulting Can Help You Meet YOUR PAR Certification Goals.

Indigenous cultural awareness training is a PAR program requirement for companies. As Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) Certified Cultural Awareness Trainers, Melanie Lizotte, M.Ed., and Patricia Makokis, Ed.D,  can help your organization become PAR Certified. We can work with your company or organization to provide continuing Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training throughout your PAR journey at each level of certification (Committed, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.)

Our Training Program meets and exceeds PAR requirements and our highly educated trainers have lived knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the concepts being presented.


Benefits of becoming PAR Certified include:

Increasing your company’s competitive advantage by:

  • developing a purpose-based, values driven corporate culture which is committed to the socio-economic inclusion of Indigenous Peoples.

  • strengthening your company’s connection to the fastest growing labour market in Canada.

  • strengthening your company’s connection to Indigenous businesses.

  • demonstrating that your company understands that providing procurement and employment opportunities for Indigenous businesses and employees has become a prerequisite to being awarded projects within the Traditional Territories of First Nation, Metis, and Inuit communities.

  • avoiding costly mistakes that can occur when interacting with Indigenous Nations and Communities without having a basic level of cultural competency.

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