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INdigenous Relations Training 

INdigenous Relations - Cultural Awareness Training 

By participating in Indigenous cultural awareness training, companies and organizations are demonstrating a commitment to obtaining the necessary foundational knowledge to engage with Indigenous communities in a more holistic, comprehensive, and effective manner. This training will provide a foundation upon which to create common ground and ethical space to work more collaboratively and successfully with Indigenous individuals, communities, employees, and businesses.

Participants will gain the foundational knowledge and skills to position their company or organization to work collaboratively and effectively with Indigenous Peoples and communities to pursue mutually beneficial projects and outcomes.

Undoubtedly, participation in this Indigenous relations/cultural competency training program will create a starting place for on-going, inclusive relationships based on allyship in terms of supporting Indigenous participation in the economy through employment, procurement, capacity building, education, training, and community investment.


Indigenous Cultural Awareness Trainers: Melanie Lizotte, M.Ed., and Patricia Makokis, Ed.D., help participants gain a deeper understanding of the history, worldviews, traditions, and current reality of Indigenous Peoples in Canada.  Participants take a deeper dive into how this history continues to impact the current socio-economic reality of Indigenous people.

It is important for all Canadians to gain a deeper level of intercultural competency by seeking to understand the complex issues related to the fastest-growing segment of Canada’s population. Historically, Indigenous people have been marginalized or excluded from many facets of Canadian society. Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge regarding the deeply rooted systemic barriers and opportunity gaps that are embedded in the current social and economic landscape.

Participants will also gain an understanding of the intergenerational trauma faced by Indigenous people in Canada and how this continues to impact outcomes for Indigenous people including labour force participation rates and educational achievement.

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