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“Melanie and Pat are exceptional presenters who teach with warmth and compassion. They created a safe environment which encouraged conversation about the sensitive information being shared.”


“Every manager and employee across Canada should take this training to become more culturally sensitive and increase inclusion!  Very engaging and memorable!”


“I particularly appreciated the scientific information about the long-term health implications of intergenerational trauma on the body and brain. This is something that has never been covered in any other Indigenous awareness training I have taken! Keep spreading the word! The impact of your work is life changing!”


“Melanie and Pat have an incredible level of knowledge and did an outstanding job delivering the material in a lively way that kept everyone engaged – including moving personal stories. History was exceptionally well covered and supported by facts.”

SLB Canada

“This was a very eye-opening, emotional, and educational day. The information I learned will help me in my work and allow me to engage with Indigenous communities with a greater empathy and understanding of history, current realities as well as a more in-depth knowledge of cultural practices and protocols.”  


“The passion and enthusiasm of Melanie and Pat really helped to bring the issues to life. The examples and anecdotes were very moving and have inspired me to make a positive difference in this work going forward.”


“As a newcomer to Canada, the training was very informative and challenged participants to confront existing stereotypes.”


“Dr. Makokis facilitated in-person Indigenous Awareness training for our company.  We brought staff together to learn about the colonial history of this country, and more importantly, why we all need to step in and learn this history.  Having participated in the day’s learning with Dr. Makokis, staff learned about the history in an experientially based manner.  Not only was the content rich and vast, but her talking circle approach to processing the content was deeply impactful.  Staff listened, actively participated and overall, we had an excellent "head to heart" training day.  What was foundational to the success of this training is the non-threatening introduction to unconscious bias awareness provided by Dr. Makokis and her respectful approach to self-discovery and respect for all human beings.  Highly recommend working with Dr. Makokis.”


“The training provided by Melanie and Pat was exceptionally valuable. I loved the interactive nature of the training including learning to smudge, and participating in the blanket exercise which allowed me to experience what it was like to be an Indigenous person during colonization – very eye opening.”


“I, personally, found the training extremely impactful. The experience, knowledge and exercises gave me great perspective on our nation’s past and hope for more reconciliation for the future.”


Health Sciences Association of Alberta


“In 2019, the Health Sciences Association of Alberta partnered with Indigenous leaders and ally-oriented church members to walk 350 km from Edmonton to Calgary. The purpose of this experience was to stop in communities along the way to invite community members into a dialogue and understanding of the Treaties between settler governments and First Nations people. At the time, the HSAA Social Justice Committee impressed upon our union members the importance of joining the conversation – both in terms of understanding and action.

As healthcare practitioners who regularly treat the outcomes of unfulfilled Treaty obligations with Indigenous people, the membership of HSAA endorsed this initiative as an act of social justice, an opportunity to stand as allies, an opportunity to strengthen understanding and a commitment to the sanctity of a contract - something all union members hold dear. Because Treaties provided a framework for Indigenous people and settlers to live well on these lands together and allow all peoples in Canada to benefit from them, HSAA documented this walk in our film entitled, Treaty Walk, A Journey for Common Ground (2020). In the film, Indigenous leader, Dr. Patricia Makokis speaks of the red, yellow, black and white family members needing to work together on this lifelong learning journey.  Pat and I have walked this ally teaching and learning path together for years, it’s the right journey, moving from head to heart.”

Excel Projects

Excel Projects


“Melanie and Pat, thank you for how gracious you are in meeting every participant where we are at in terms of our understanding of the issues and comfort level in discussing the topics. I left the training feeling inspired and very positive about the potential for positive change in the future.  Thank you for this very important work that you do!”


“I did not know what to expect when I came to this training today, but it has been one of the best training programs I have ever attended. It has been very eye-opening, and I plan to take what I have learned and share it with anyone I can.”

Common Ground Alliance

“Great information about how to approach consultation with Indigenous Communities. There was a very broad audience in attendance spanning the country from Quebec to B.C. After the session, we were approached by an organization which wanted to share the information from Melanie and Pat’s presentation with their Indigenous Relations’ Teams.”

Trade winds to Success

“Learning about intergenerational trauma is extremely important for organizations like Trade Winds as it allows us to understand beyond the surface of how students show up. The information that Melanie Lizotte provided regarding the neurobiological impacts of intergenerational trauma on the development of the brain and body and how trauma can result in someone being stuck in a chronic state of fight or flight was very informative. It was fascinating to learn about how trauma in childhood is directly correlated with negative health outcomes later in life and can also impact our ability to learn.”  

Saddle Lake Cree Nation

“The time that Melanie has spent training our staff at Kihew Asiniy and her generosity in sharing her knowledge of the Neurobiology of Trauma (NME) for four entire years has made a remarkable and undeniably positive difference at our school.”

Seven Lakes Oilfield Services

“7 Lakes Oilfield Services could not be prouder of the combined efforts put forward by Patricia Makokis (Ed.D.) and Lakeland HR working with 7 Lakes corporate leadership to develop an in-house leadership training program that both met “Western and Indigenous Cultural Awareness Leadership”. The approach was delivered in such a manner that all participants were given the tools during and after the training to go out into their respected fields of business to better serve themselves, their teams, and the clients. The impact throughout the sessions was breath taking at times as leaders confronted their daily challenges in today’s workforce.”

Langara College

Langara College (Vancouver)


“I had the pleasure of taking part in Melanie’s Indigenous-focused NME Trauma Responsive Educational Training Program which included 2 book studies (BRAD and WHTY) over the course of two academic years which provided strategies for professionals who are working with Indigenous students experiencing intergenerational trauma. During the program, Melanie did a phenomenal job, presenting very deep and complex materials in a very clear and understandable way, while also adding a personal touch throughout the study connecting with us personally and modelling the very principles that she taught us. The materials have been invaluable to both my work and personal life providing me a much deeper and scientifically grounded understanding of my students and clients that I interact with, and more importantly how to help them develop and succeed. I cannot more highly recommend Melanie to others that want to learn more about the effects of trauma and brain development, and ways to better provide care and support.”



“I have found the sessions with Melanie regarding the Neurobiology of Intergenerational Trauma & NME to be informative and insightful. I've not only been able to develop my ability to support my students in regulating their stress but have also developed awareness of my own regulatory strategies, which has given me a deeper and more intuitive understanding of effectively supporting and authentically connecting with others.” 

Musqueam Nation

“The exceptional training provided by Melanie Lizotte has offered guidance and details that has greatly helped me understand more about how Trauma can affect the daily lives of Indigenous Peoples.  This training has allowed me to recognize how my childhood experiences have played and continue to play a role in creating different stress responses in my life. We were given tools to navigate our responses to our own trauma. This has greatly improved both my personal and professional life. I found it helpful learning these steps; as it helps me regulate, relate and reason when engaging with our Education & Training clients. I found the training has greatly assisted me to connect with our clients on a deeper level and offer more comprehensive support where needed.”

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